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Question: Marathon races have variable lengths.
Answer: A marathon is a footrace with a distance of exactly 26.22 miles (42.2 kilometers).
Question: Marathons are usually held on tracks.
Answer: Marathon runners usually do not run on a track. Instead they run over land, including city streets.
Question: In football (soccer), goalies can always use their hands.
Answer: By the back-pass rule, a goalkeeper cannot pick up a pass that came directly from one of his teammates. Instead, the goalkeeper must use his feet.
Question: In automobile racing, a yellow flag means "stop!"
Answer: In automobile racing, warnings are signaled to drivers with yellow flags or yellow lights. A red flag orders a stop to the race.
Question: A game of polo is divided into chukkas.
Answer: In polo, periods of play are called chukkas. Most often there are six chukkas to a game, but sometimes there are four or eight.
Question: Pool is a kind of billiards.
Answer: Pool is a kind of billiards in which the players sink balls in netted pockets. The formal name of the game, in fact, is pocket billiards.
Question: Quoits was a game first played by the Romans.
Answer: The Romans who came to Britain brought with them a game played with iron hoops. This became the British game of quoits—and, in North America, evolved into the game of horseshoes.
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